Best Free Download Managers 2020

A download manager is a software tool that manages the downloading of files from the Internet, which may be built: into a Web browser, or as a, usually more sophisticated, stand-alone manager. Most browsers will do a very good job of downloading your files, but in some situations for example when trying to download a large file, Download managers will be very helpful. Here are the top download managers for you to choose from;

Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager accelerates all types of downloads (files, video, torrents). It’s a smart and fast internet download manager for Windows and macOS. It’s a download accelerator, a BitTorrent client, an audio and video previewer and a traffic management tool, and because it’s open source, it’s completely free and receives regular updates from its community of developers.

Downloads are performed in order of how they’re listed in FDM, but you can move files up or down the list to set their priority. In addition to the above, you can preview and convert audio and video files before they’re finished downloading, as well as set traffic limits and schedule downloads to occur on certain days only. Check out Free Download Manager

Download Accelerator Manager

Download Accelerator Manager (DAM) is an all-in-one downloader that helps you download not only Internet files but also social media from sites like YouTube, easily with the fastest speed. DAM possibly is the only software that can capture and download social flash videos, music and more from Google Chrome browser. DAM is super fast, light, clean and easy to use.

DAM has a Drop Target button that hovers on your screen to make it easier to start file downloads. Download Accelerator Manager also supports batch downloads, a scheduler, virus checker, confirmation sounds, and stored credentials. Another feature is MediaGrabber, which can automatically check for streaming video, music, and Flash files in any browser on your computer. This program can be integrated into Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera, Netscape, and Safari, in Windows only. Check out DAM(Download Accelerator Manager)

Ninja Download Manager

Ninja Download Manager is a relative newcomer to the downloading industry. Ninja Download Manager speeds up your downloads by splitting each file into chunks logical chunks and downloading each chunk using a different connection to the server, the result of this is much more reliable and fast downloads. Its interface is simple and modern, and its accelerator can help you get your files faster. There’s also a built-in video downloader with support for YouTube and Vimeo, and a video converter that changes the file format automatically once it’s finished downloading. Check out Ninja Download Manager for Free


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