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FREE Online Course Websites for Ethiopian Students

FREE Online Course Websites for Ethiopian Students

Learning from home using an online course gives you the freedom to choose more courses & topics with the flexibility to continue work and fit your work schedule(and your hobbies) around your coursework more easily, and also helps in lowering education costs. And most importantly helps you advance your career by providing a way to gain work experience and learn new skills side by side! Here are the best FREE Online Course Websites for Ethiopian Students;

1. Coursera

Coursera is an American online learning platform founded in 2012, which is a website that partners with universities and organizations around the world to bring a wide variety of topics and perspectives to one searchable database. It is now a leading online learning platform for higher education, where 56 million learners from around the world come to learn skills of the future. More than 200 of the world’s top universities and industry educators partner with Coursera to offer courses, Specializations, certificates, and degree programs.

Coursera is extremely useful if you’re looking to study many different topics or want courses from different schools and groups. Some Coursera courses provide certificates of completion to recognize that you passed the class. If you are looking for a structured classroom-style online learning environment is the best option. Learn from home using Coursera Online Course

2. edX

edX is a free online education provider founded in 2012 by MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Harvard University, it’s now home to more than 20 million learners, the majority of top-ranked universities in the world and industry-leading companies.

It offers full online courses with teachers, discussion boards, quizzes, and so on, but it tends to focus on (and excel at) courses in math, the sciences, and engineering. edX offers two types of certificate, but not all courses offer certificates, and archived courses do not offer certificates. Verified certificates are available for a fee that varies by course. These certificates require you to verify your identity before you can receive your certificate. Learn from home  using edX Online Course

3. Alison

ALISON is a free online education platform founded in 2007, which mostly focuses on workplace-based skills. Currently, the platform provides online education to 14 million learners in 195 countries. Alison offers a variety of free course types including certificate, diploma and learning path courses each designed to help inspire you through a new hobby or career path.

Alison offers courses mainly in business, technology, and health, but also includes language learning courses. With each completed course Alison awards a certificate of completion however they are not externally accredited. Learn from home using Alison Online Course

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an American non-profit educational organization founded in 2008, which offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.

Khan Academy offers impressive depth on many different subjects. The lectures are short and share a handful of information at a time, but build on each other as you progress. Khan Academy does not give certificates. Instead, you get energy points with medals and avatars. Similar to the way games work. This is by far more effective than certificates, especially for its target audience, young students. Learn from home using Khan Academy Online Course

5. Academic Earth

Academic Earth is a website launched in 2009, which offers free online video courses and academic lectures from the world’s top universities such as UC Berkeley, UCLA, University of Michigan, University of Oxford Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale.

Academic Earth brings together top-notch courses from many different sources and focuses on offering a wide variety of subjects. The website lists courses by subject and school, so it might be easier to find what you’re looking for. You also have the option to choose certificate programs. Learn from home using Academic Earth Online Course

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