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Becoming a freelancer is a fast and affordable way to start making money online. Freelancing done on the side around your job, can be a good way to generate extra income. It’s affordable to start if you already have the skills and equipment to do the job. There are many freelancing platforms and if you want to get started freelancing, Upwork is the easiest place to start.


Upwork is a marketplace that connects businesses with freelancers around the world for small or long term jobs and gigs.  And the relationships you make are your connection points for future work. Here are some of the pros of working on Upwork;

  • Escrow protection – according to Upwork, escrow is a neutral holding place where they put money aside until the project, or piece of the project, is done. You will be guaranteed to get paid after a job is successfully completed.
  • Convenient Earning withdrawal options – You have several withdrawal options; Transfer to Local bank account, Payoneer Master Card, Wire Transfer and Paypal.
  • Upwork enables you to tracks all of your projects & Payments which lets you focus on your work.

Upwork jobs are segmented into two different types:

1. Hourly

For these jobs, clients often specify a range of how many hours of weekly work they’re looking for, as well as a price range. If you are providing value to your clients, these contracts are easily expandable, resulting in more work for you and happier clients.

2. Fixed Rate

Fixed rate jobs are ones that have clear outlined, one-time deliverables.

As a beginner you should focus on simple jobs that require little to no experience, so that you don’t have to compete with experienced freelancer. Here are some of the beginner friendly jobs on Upwork.

Location-Based Jobs

Some jobs posted on Upwork require someone to be in a particular country to do the job. What makes these an easy job is because it is specific and location-based and therefore it reduces the competition and increases your chances of getting hired and making money.

Language Related Jobs

One of the easiest jobs on Upwork probably involves the translation of content from one language to another. Translation is one of the most valuable skills that can make you money on Upwork and the ability to translate content from one language to another without distorting meaning is what’s expected.

Web and App Testing Jobs

Website and applications testing jobs are frequent and they are characterized by being easy, quick money and quick feedback jobs. All you need is to install and test the functionalities of the application.

Resources Based Jobs

Clients request for freelancers that have specific computer hardware, software or internet bandwidth to do a quick task on their behalf. For example, if you have access to a high-speed internet connection, you may find jobs that require quick download and re-upload of videos.

You can find jobs related to your field of study or career on Upwork, but you should expect competition from freelancers.

How to get your first Job on Upwork?

Your profile is one of the most essential factor for your success on the platform. You should focus on having a complete profile that can attract potential clients, just like you give extra care and attention to write a wining resume for job applications, you need to take the time to complete your Upwork profile. Which includes taking the Upwork readiness test.

Set up a wining Upwork Profile

1. You need a high resolution photo

Your profile picture should be professional, high resolution & clear.

2. Your title need to have the Keywords of the work you are going to do

This will help you rank on Upwork search engine, and clients will find you when they search for a specific skill.

3. Start with a lower hourly rate

Upwork is not a a quick make money scheme, it needs patience! You should lower your asking rates at the beginning and gradually increase it as your value on the platform increases through reviews & feedbacks.

4. Use the Video section for your advantage

Record a short video of yourself talking about your skills, services you offer in a friendly manner, which will help clients to get to know you a little bit better before they could decide to invite you for an interview.

5. Write a Profile overview that stands out

The first few sentences of your Upwork profile overview shows up on search results, which helps clients make a decision to short list you for an interview. Understand that it’s not about U, but its about the Client! Make it focused on the client, how you are going to help them, how you are going to add value to their business.

6. Specify your availability

You should let clients know how much work you can take on per week, it should be honest and accurate.

7. Focus on getting 5 star reviews

Plan for the long run! Focusing on quality & deadline of deliveries by providing most possible value to a client will get you a good feedback & 5 star review. Which will get you more jobs in the future.

8. Showcase your previous works on Portfolio section

You should take the time to showcase what ever previous work you have done that is related to the service you are trying to provide. Especially when you are a new freelancer & don’t have a review on the platform.

9. Select Skills that match the service you are trying to provide

To be discovered on search results you need to optimize your profile and the skills you select will help you achieve that.

Search for Jobs and Apply fast

You need Connects to apply for jobs on Upwork. Connects are like Upwork’s virtual currency, you will get FREE connects when you successfully register as a freelancer on Upwork. And each job application will cost you connects which varies from one job post to another.

When clients post a job on Upwork they will be active for the first few hours, your goal should be to submit your proposal within the first few hours which will boost your chances of getting interviewed. By applying fast you can get noticed & interviewed quickly if you meet the clients requirements.

As a new freelancer you shouldn’t waste your Upwork connects on every single job that is posted, you should be selective, read the description of the job post and check the activity on the job. And finding a competitive advantage over other freelancers will definitely help, like checking for new jobs frequently – installing the Upwork mobile application is a good start.

Write a compelling cover letter for each application

  • Try to grab attention of the client
  • Include examples of your previous work
  • Mention some of the reasons that separates you from other freelancers
  • Always review your cover letter and double check for typo, spelling errors

Upwork is not for everyone, but it could be a great place for you if you are determined & persistent.


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